Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I can't really tell. But then somehow, today I am feeling indifferent.

I can't blame the work. There's really nothing much to stress about, mid-tempo pace which I think I lived it well. Not so busy, or at least I can still focus in what I am doing.

Somehow towards the end of the day's working hour, I lost my cheer and turned to feeling down.

Walked towards the car, and got paranoid. Having the though that the car might just broke down, parts falling off apart. Thinking too much. Ignited the engine, drove for a second and stopped. Stepped out and looked, nothing wrong.

Over analysing.

Was it the imaginary male menstrual cycle I am facing ?

I need to smile, I need to laugh. I need some tender loving care.

Turning to art for some solace. Care to give a hug ?



Danny said...

i think i dun mind cheering u up.. but i'm not a 'hug-person' ...lol;p


J-boy said...


We all have days like this.. the unexplained feelings. Thankfully they don't take too long to fade away :)

Deicidal said...

i turn to chocolate.
ok bad idea. maybe cake..or crepe..crumble...arghhhhhh

Chen Xing said...

@All: Thanks and cheers to you guys too. It was just one bad day, but am feeling awesomely better now.