Monday, September 26, 2011

Ever changing.

Indeed that's life all about.

Somehow I believe one will change, and can change no matter what. It's only to which extreme they will sway towards to.

You will get bored of doing one thing, so you either adapt to social norms or divert from the common crowd doing something that will make you will passionate and great doing it.

I got to admit. When I am feeling all down, and hit the bottom-est part of my life, I tend to rejoice my positivity by portraying a new image.

Hence below would be the illustration of me through the period of 2005 till the most recent now.

From high school till the end of 2006, I used to have this kind of nerdy hairstyle.

Then when I stepped foot into college, I try to pull the casual typical teenager  hairstyle.

Then towards the end of the uni life, I tried to get cheeky. Hair got all spiked up and short.

And then, got bored. Switched to this almost foe-hawk  hairstyle. This style was with me for sometime.

Occasionally, I'll put on glasses to make me  a little tame and innocent. So naive !

And now, I am back to the nerdy style but then with a little sharper and shorter hair-do. I am liking this preppy look once again.

As you can see, personal image is equally as important as my sense of fashion. Throughout the half-a-decade period, I am glad to have channel all sort of trends and certainly proud to have evolved in a good way.

More confident in terms of carrying myself, not forgetting, the great sense of humour that will never fades but to only grow stronger from time to time.

And now it got me thinking, what kind of hairstyle I should have the next round I get a haircut.


J-boy said...

Haha I'm lovin it. The illustrations are awesome!

hehe so did u shave your head when you put on glasses? :P

Vincent~ said...

i have the same secondary school hairstyle as u! XD

Danny said...

not everyone can carry the preppy look well.. gd for u :)
btw, ppl with sense of humor is very charming.. i mean ;p

Deicidal said...

never left your hair long before? :P

Chen Xing said...

@J-boy: Oh no, the glasses apply to every style. Once in a while, whenever I am feeling a little "nerd" I'll wear it.

And on shaving head almost bald, yup. Got to do it when I attended the National Service.

@Vincetn~: High five to you ! High school hairstyle rocks.

@Danny: Heheh. Indeed you are.

@Deicidal: Nope. Not really. Don't really like it as it's hard to maintain and style it.


J-boy said...

Haha I shaved my head for NS too! And I must say the bald look doesn't look good on me.. maybe it's because of my big head :P

Chen Xing said...

But then again, despite the "makeover" I am pretty sure you must have enjoyed the National Service very much. Correct ?

J-boy said...

Haha actually I was ranting with my gang quite a bit when we were stuck in camp.
But when it was over, I realized how special the experience really was. Being taken out of your comfort zone and living under very different conditions.. it gives you new perspective, and an appreciation for the things we used to take for granted. Also formed friendships with some interesting people from across the country ;)

Chen Xing said...

@J-boy: Yup, same here.