Thursday, September 22, 2011

You're swarmed with work.

Responsibilities. Commitments.

Tonnes of stuff to ponder, and no time to peek into the future.

Your focus is now fully on the present, the current task that you are doing and planning well to clear it off with a sigh of relief. A good job well-done kind of execution.

A vacation is needed. Off from the current place, to somewhere foreign, some place for relaxation. A location that will give you the jolt and recharged your mind, body and soul.

Friends, family. Family, friends.

There's only this much of resources, and limited time for the enjoyment. It's always fun to always go on holiday, what's more when you can always do it with friends and family.

You see, the problem is, I can't really foresee what's going to happen in the future. Hence, do I make the commitment now or take it easy, and plan as it goes ?

The body is so wanting to relax, but the strict mind rebels with a discipline.

Yikes, I'll just flip a coin in that case.