Friday, September 16, 2011

You walked into a room. You helped each other to undress.

The gentle stroke, and the touch on the skin. Excited the body. Further putting them closer, for a comfort feel of the warming sensation - the temperature of love.

Many intricate steps, for a pleasurable bonding session.

I want to be closer with you.

And I want to know you deeper.

Sex, is something for us to gain control and how we engage in it will determine the final outcome of the session.

Depending on who you are doing it with and what's the reason for the initiation of the session, you definitely can't have the same satisfaction each time when you make love as sex is just so unique.

Same goes, if the partner is still the same.

Hence, cherish sex preciously like life, and don't abuse it !


ooi2009 said...

i used to be quite wondering how skinny guys can have sex , coz some times its just bones , and i am so afraid of hurting them , i mean if their so skinny , how can the hole accept the dick , esp if its big , i feel like it might rupture the ass. Sorry , but i am not being sarcastic or joking here , just my thoughts , coz i have never been thin . and that is why when i see a couple when one is big and the other is thin , i cant help but wonder ,......... im sure many do too

Twohornschild said...

It sure is unique. I guess everyone sure would treasure such moments but nobody really preserve such memories.That's also why everyone wants to do it again and again.

Chen Xing said...

@ooi2009: It's all about give and take. If the slightly "big" size partner loves the other very much, he will know how to handle the situation.

Love is a gentle thing.


@two horns child: True. Is it because they want to get the same-high feeling again ?