Thursday, May 16, 2013

Yup. Here's another entry about work.

And yes, I have been busy with it the past 2 weeks.

Jam packed, swarmed with never ending tasks. To make it more challenging, there's like 1 crisis to manage.

Having said that, am glad that tomorrow is already a Friday and can't wait for the weekend.

The past few days, being busy. I came across this person's profile in Jack'd.

Having to realize that he's actually nearby (and I think his office block is just across the road), I wished that I'll stumbled upon him.

Indeed, yesterday I was lucky.

He walked right past me, and I managed to see him in real, face to face.

Today, I checked on the profile again.

Not quite sure, but few pictures and the actual person doesn't really tally.

Am just over imagining, or he just edited his pictures ?

Just wish that those were pictures from different years.



Twohornschild said...

Hope your work have mercy on you. But no worries. you always seem to be able to handle it. with the apps now these. They can do wonders to their pictures. Hmmm.... Are you stalking ppl???

Ash Godiva said...

hmmm maybe you got jodoh with him,who knows?hehehe

Chen Xing said...

@two horns child: As for work, can't wait till the end of May ends.


Nope, it's a sin to stalk. I just stumbled upon him only.


@Ash Godiva: Haha, maybe. But don't think so he's into me or notices me.