Sunday, May 26, 2013

Like it's the last long weekend you've ever have.

And it's like a mini getaway retreat for me, though physically still in the city.


The long weekend had me spending money a lot. Good food, shopping spree and a little R&R so to speak.

Sign of working stress, all gone in one weekend.

Fully recharged again I would say, but am just so overly excited the past weekend. All hype up. Didn't really know why, perhaps it's just the mid-year syndrome that am facing.

Or, it could be something good coming my way.

Putting a smile to my face, am ready to face another working week that's ahead of me.

So, what's the big deal during the long weekend ? Well, I bought: 3 bags (for work & casual use), 2 shirts & whole lot of good gourmet food.


Feeling tired now...

Goodnight peeps !


Twohornschild said...

Goodnight Xing!,!! Sweet dreams.

JokerPJ said...

no sex? No sex? No Sex?

Chen Xing said...

@two horns child: Haha, thanks.

@JokerPJ: Nope. Don't have a bf like you.