Thursday, February 21, 2013

I think it's true.

Your type is determined by his face.

A design person can easily concludes that the wrong choice of font usage in a medium will break the whole piece of communication.

You can have the most convincing story being crafted or lines of sentences being written, but at the end of the day if the visual fails to grab your attention - the whole intention is just then put to waste.

Hence, not achieving the objective.

Personality of a guy is equivalent to the content, the overall presentation of his appearance on the other hand is what gives out the attraction.

Think about it as love-at-first-sight kind of thing, which I am a true big believer of it.

The type of faces.
Some people will use this sort of principle as a guide to the check-list on finding the right one. A step-by-step programme, before pouring all their heart & soul, love and energy liking that one guy.

Whereas for some, brief chat and then lets take it over coffee or tea - to determine the next course of action.

Either way, both with the same intention to know each other well.

So tell me, which method you are leaning towards to ?


Danny said...

hmm .. i'm attracted to :
people with pleasant looking outlook
people who are serious with what they are doing
people with sense of humor...

J-boy said...

Yes, face is one of the first things my brain processes before I decide on the next course of action with a guy haha.

Realistic and superficial, but it's how the mind works. :P

Twohornschild said...

Understanding. So lots of chats

tuls said...

abang abang abang abang abang abangabang abang abangabang abang abangabang abang abangabang abang abangabang abang abangabang abang abangabang abang abangabang abang abangabang abang abangabang abang abangabang abang abang

saw lots of abang..

err.. depends on the feel one leh.. kan i got criteria remember? ahahaha..

only after most of criteria sudah capai and only i will consider to go on the second date..

and the finally step before being together would be the size of the dick(realistic).. if on bed cant satisfy me one i will politely reject..

Shadow Wind said...

I totally believe in love in first sight, or no love at all.

more like sparks, because love is overrated.

but yeah if the spark isn't there the first time it probably won't be. = ) that's what i think

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: Hmm, that means you will need to know how they look like before taking it further ?

@J-boy: Agreed, and it's not superficial at all.

@two horns child: Lots of chats, of course after knowing how he looks like.

The key to this whole thing somehow is knowing who you chat with.

@tuls: "Abang" ? Err...seen them in ?

@Shadow Wind: Haha, correct.

tuls said...

the pic.. abg abg abg abg... lol

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: You mean, guys older than you ? Correct, or older guys that you know are in there ?

Danny said...

i think tuls meant the 'aug' word on each folder la :)
betul tak tuls?

Chen Xing said...

@Danny & tuls: Hahah, I am damn blur. Haha, now only got it.