Thursday, September 27, 2012

The kissing was indeed an explosion of erotic moment.

A post foreplay session, after the sex.

Bursting love into his mouth, touching tongues and locking lips. You carried on kissing his cheek, moving down to his neck. Careful with your tongue, you pleasured his ear.

The tip of the tongue fondling his ear lobe. He gave a pleasured smile acknowledging the sensation.

As that's not enough, you decided to add a little kinky bite. Gentle kind of way, a pinch of tingling feel to his ear.

"You're naughty" he said.

He shivered ! That's him, soaking in the pleasure. You know it's turning him on - again.

You got turned on as well, seeing him reacted that way.

You took your hand and slowly ran across his naked body. From his jewel, slowly running it up to his chest passing through his ripped abdomen.

You looked down and noticed that he's having a boner of a lifetime. Hard, strong and big.

Lucky fingers to have touched all of it, you slowly got hard as you felt his ripped body through your fingers. A Greek-god, you would just cum by looking at him.

He opened his eyes, and looked at you.

Paused for a moment, before he returned the favour by grabbing your aroused erection.

It's a fair play.

He pushed you down, and started to stroke you again.

The firm grip wrapping your erection, and the warm sensation countered the quiet environment of the cold room. It's a perfect timing to getting close, close to the orgasm.

Your turn now, to the seventh heaven.

Climax ?

To be continued...


Twohornschild said...

Sweet and it kinda makes me wanna take a bath cause i wanna always be ready for such situations!! hahah....

JokerPJ said...

kindly finish the story thank you~


chaiminhuei said...

Real or not real?! Don't inception us so much!

Leo Nut said...

Wah.. twice in a night?.. :3

Chen Xing said...

@two horns child: Lol, I thought you are always prepared ? The "blowjob" scene in the restaurant toilet ?


@JokerPJ: Be patient, as at the end of the story I learnt a lesson out of it.


@chaiminhuei: Oh well, I can tell you that it's from experience.


@Leo Nut: Err, nope. 1 for me, and 1 for him.'s a fair play.