Sunday, September 30, 2012

High ecstasy, he put his mouth into you while you placed both hands on his head and gained control of the rhythm.

He followed excitedly with the pace of up and down as you held his head with a guided motion.

He stopped after a moment, his eyes asking you whether you were close. 

You tilted your head, and grinned.

Not yet.

You moved on top of him and positioned yourself to rest on his strong abdomen. 

You ran your fingers around his chest again. This time playing with his nipples, slowly you made a circular gesture alternating the action by using your tongue to play with it as well.

His nipples got hard. You pressed it with your two fingers, he moaned.


With both hands, again you ran your fingers across his chest. Teasing him by crawling the fingers nearer and away from his nipples.

As you were playing with him, he got himself to shiver again.

He must be liking this very much, Perhaps, that's the most sensitive part of his body. 

He got up and pushed you down. Looking at you. You nodded at him with approval.

That's the sign, he wanted to make you cum - now.

His hands, then gently stroked your erection. You asked him to make you cum. He moved up and down, grabbing it with one hand and at times alternating with his mouth blowing you.

It was a sight of pleasure. You closed your eyes, enjoying the scene of him pleasuring you.

After a moment, you got excited, whispering to him that you were about to get high with the final orgasm. He increased the stroking speed, quickly. 

You grabbed on to his body, and you squirted a load of cum. It got to your stomach, dripping some to his hands.

It was good.

He then turned to look at you, and laid himself down to rest side by side with you.

Closing his eyes and smiled.

The end.


You see, the thing with a fling is that it's so good as you can describe it. As if that the both of you all are already in a steady relationship for sometime.

The kind of love that can be made, ironically not with the other half of yours but just a random guy you meet out on the streets.

It's so good, addictive enough to always making you want more. 

Sadly, in reality, you know that a fling is just a one time moment and that's it.

Hence you must never ask that one-night-stand fuck buddy any questions, take no effort to know him as at the end of the day, you will never have him.


JokerPJ said...

It was a dream... yet in every dream, one needs to wake up from... not a life that one wakes up to...

*you really should bloody go write a book or something*

Leo Nut said...

Ish... Sad eh?..
Like you asked me before.. Why not go for him?..

J-boy said...

sad, but true..

One-nighties are always super intense and passionate... probably because we know there is no weight of commitment. And the spontaneity of it just makes it that much more exciting.

Sometimes when the sex is that good, you just wanna know that person more and explore the emotional side... but the rule is the rule... coz nothing good ever comes out of these one-nighties :/

Chen Xing said...

@JokerPJ: No, it's not a dream. It's indeed a short lived fling.


@Leo Nut: Can't. Because I don't really have his contact details. It's just a really very random session.

@J-boy: Yup, that's what I felt too.

chaiminhuei said...

I liked the way you put it. Makes me not want flings even more now. :)

Twohornschild said...


Chen Xing said...

@chaiminhuei: Well, if you are not feeling "invested" in the flings you have...I think it's still ok.


@two horns child: Sad, because it's just a fling. That's all.