Sunday, April 15, 2012

Knowing that you are gay, will you still get yourself into marriage.

Build a family, and 10 -15 years down the road, cheats on your wife and be all guilty facing your kids ?

Though the deary wife might forgive and accepted you whole-heartedly, if you are given a chance to turn back would you determine your future ?

Depending on the situation,

1. You are gay, and wife is a lesbian. I think it's perfectly fine to have a deal like that.
2. You are bi-sexual, and wife is perfectly straight. And arrangement you guys made prior the marriage commitment
3. You are plainly curious, and wifey says - hey, just go try it and confirm once and for all.

Taking off the just mentioned 3 scenarios and basing solely on the above "preface", I honestly think that the wife should be set free in order for you to live freely.



Danny said...

i think there shroud not be a wife at all, if you know you are already a gay..
dun destroy other ppl's future :)

Da Closet Guy said...

If I were the guy, I'd choose to live discreetly. Being gay or bi in this matter, doesn't mean that you would or you have to go around physically having sex or sleeping with other guy.

I guess when we are faced with difficult situations, we'll tend to be selfish. We will choose to do what our heart/mind tells us to. And since everyone is unique, there will be no definite answer to this as we will have our own "unique" reason(s) to do so.

zhenyu27 said...

great , at least ur a true chinese , not like the shit tuls and jboy . they are the traitors of the race . i wanted to prove to them that we are much better , but they keep dissing . They want international people , they want indian and malay and all kinds of meat . piss them

chaiminhuei said...

Don't have a wife until you are sure you are completely straight, or so I believe.

Twohornschild said...

Da Closet Guy opened my mind. So my comment would be at the end BE responsible at what ever decision made.

Da Closet Guy said...

Thank you, two horns child. My sentiments exactly.

Ash Godiva said...

Zhenyu27:i'm curious to know what is your justification that Chinese is a better race,where is your facts and figures that chinese is a better race?from what i know it's a fact that every race have their strength and weaknesses,observing human history proves that.

it would be much better if you put a proper justification on your own blog post(so you can prove more proper) rather than claiming people traitors and shits:)

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: Exactly. That's what I am thinking too.

Perhaps one day, when we meet-up I'll tell you the whole story.

@Da Closet Guy: But then society perceives it as a sin.

Though wife accepted you, I don't think so it's right to go around sleeping with other guys.

Just my thought.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog and thanks for commenting.

@zhenyu27: Yes I am.

I mean each of us, or would I say whichever race also. We are not perfect, solely base on the fact that we are only human.


@chaiminhuei: Correct !!! And to add-on wife & kids ya...

@two horns child: Hmmm...

@Ash Godiva: Be sure to let me know when the blog entry is up.