Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Did anyone feel it ?

It happened moments ago, and lasted for about 5 minutes.

I thought one point, damn, must be my blood pressure increasing and body getting weak. Done with few house chores and am already feeling dizzy.

I rested my palms on the wall, and yes, it's moving. Swaying, shaking, it's the tremors.

Not sure what happened, possible tsunami ?

At one point, I felt so empty.

At times like this I just need someone by my side.

*Updated: Magnitude 8.9, Banda Aceh again.


Vincent~ said...


Twohornschild said...

Wow..i was sleeping so didn't flt it. Hahhah...yeah..i know what u mean at being alone at times like that... would be scarry though it's not serious but it's a new experience...fear and flashbacks...hmmmm..

Ash Godiva said...

around that time i was too tired to felt the

Chen Xing said...

@Vincent~: The quake definitely weakens my heart for that particular short moment.

@two horns child: Even the second quake at around 6 something, you didn't feel it as well ?

@Ash Godiva: Lol. You were sleeping too that time ?

Kenny Mah said...

*sends ya some stabling energies* :)

Chen Xing said...

@Kenny Mah: I felt it.