Sunday, November 20, 2011

Been through this, betcha.

And at the every beginning stages of life, that's what we all need - support and guidance.

From tricycle to bicycle.
Remember how dad would hold on to the seat while we pedal. As we grew taller, he would adjust the seat slightly a little higher. From time to time, the brother would loosen up the nuts of the two smaller wheels at the side.

We fell, bruises and scratches on our hands and legs, nevertheless, we stood up and pedal again. All those won't be possible without the encouragement of the people surrounding us.

Once ready, the two small wheels where taken out. Dad and bro will no longer on the look out for us. Hey now, I am cycling with two wheels steadily on my own now. Manoeuvring through the obstacles in life.


Leo Nut said...

Im still on my training wheels.. :)

chaiminhuei said...

This time, when we fall, we only have our selves to pick us up.

Matthew Gan said...

Love & Encourage from Family is really powerful.

ooi2009 said...

on ur last comment , i realy rasa so sakit hati at u . Its as if i hurt u somehow , for that i want to say sorry ,. honestly and seriously, im uglier than u ,but , i love u and take care .

Chen Xing said...

@Kaylex (CK): Lol, and I can't imagine you riding a tricycle.


@chaiminhuei: Yup.

@Matthew Gan: They are, after all people that we can really really depend and trust upon.

@ooi2009: It's alright. Sometimes when we are feeling down, we just need someone to really care to be around. That's all.