Thursday, November 10, 2011

There's always one thing with addiction - no matter how best you try to shake it off you, it will eventually come crawling back.

You will undergo countless hour of therapy moment, talking with people, addressing the issue and finding solutions in which it's just interim.

Talking about how you will overcome it easily and how time will heal everything. Truth is, when you are actually not focusing on thinking about it, the problem will just disappear and not occupy your mental space.

2 months.

You thought you have made it through. No, he came crawling back into your life and now you are miserable.

Yes, you made a vow to be depressed for only a week. Time is ticking, few more days and you'd better be cheerful and bubbly.

And so you know, you've survived 2 months. Next course of action, extend the duration longer and eventually it will be long enough for you to let go and forget totally about him.

Good luck, Chen Xing.


Leo Nut said...

Is this directed to anyone?... haha, <3 <3

chaiminhuei said...

Sometimes forgetting doesn't work, but all the best!

Danny said...

not sure whats happening n dunno what to say..
good luck, chenxing :)

ooi2009 said...

i love u so much

Ash Godiva said...

Ser Fuerte:)

Chen Xing said...

@Kaylex (CK): Yup, and it's to me. Also for others who find it relatable to their current situation as well.


@chaiminhuei: True. But am trying my very very best.

@Danny: Thanks.

@ooi2009: You said to every other blogger as well.


@Ash Godiva: Will do.