Monday, November 14, 2011

So the young innocent man decided to add the decent looking man as friend when he came across his Facebook profile page.

Oh my, thanking the wonders of the World Wide Web very much.

At first, the young innocent man was kind of confused. In a way that he sort of like having a crush on the decent looking man. He admired the decent looking a lot, totally clueless on the guy's you-know-what. Bend this way, or what ? It was probably another straight men's crush to the young innocent man, again.

Aw-shucks and aiks, the young innocent man then took it up another level in order to find out about the truth once and for all. The young innocent man made the first attempt.

He sent the decent looking man Facebook chat messages. From then on, it was just a decent conversation with him. Nothing much personal being shared, as the young innocent man might not want to scare-off the decent looking man.

A month went by, and the young innocent man was glad that the virtual-friendship lasted that long. A lot they have talked about, and it's always during the office hours where they have interacted the most. Five days a week.

Then, one fine day, almost 2 months getting into knowing the decent looking man, he...



Leo Nut said...


J-boy said...

Ahaha just get to the juicy bit already!!

If I were the storyteller things would have progressed so much faster!!! It's a story after all, let's make it super raunchy super quickly LOL :P

ooi2009 said...

dun tell me u had sex with him ok , its so saddening

chaiminhuei said...


Chen Xing said...

@Kaylex (CK): got to stay tuned for what's next.

@J-boy: Hmm, fiction ? I don't think so...

@ooi2009: Who said I am the one in the "story" ?

@chiminhuei: Love story is always intriguing.