Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shutting off the music playing in the background. Madonna! I find myself much more expressive in terms of writing when the environment is quiet.

It's been a stressful week so far. One more day to go, and it's another wonderful weekend that I'll be living in. I am not really sure about work right now. Getting things done, executed it in a way I would seems to make someone angry and unhappy. Blame who? I am here to work, and you are here to work as well. So why not, hire the necessary people to work on things which are actually out of my scope? Trying to be helpful, trying to learn and trying to take the initiative to do more work weren't the correct move after all.

Trust me, advertising line can be bitchy. Quote from my immediate superior "Most of the time, you are trying to tweak and turn the facts in order to make it believable". How true is it, I don't really have the answer. All I am sure about is the glitz, glamor and fame this field pulled me into. To me, getting to manage a campaign and in the end being viewed by the masses gives me the ultimate satisfaction out of the work stress. Well, but then again, before I can reach to that level of satisfaction, there are indeed a lot of room for me to improve on.

Whatever it is, being in my position sucks. Sandwiched between the client as well as the creative team, you are the punching bag. You see, unlike sex - being sandwiched is good. Anything goes wrong, you are the first they will be looking for.

Weird, where is my Mr.Right then? When will he be looking for me? Hehe..