Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good news. I think I am back now.

Finally gotten myself an Internet connection. Yippee...but then adding another hole to my wallet. Monthly expenses are increasing, and sadly, resources aren't. It will be another month till I am confirmed (not sure whether it's a good or a bad thing). Been working for almost 4 months and yet it seems like a lifetime. How do I learn to cope with it?

Confession: I have been stripped away from getting myself connected to the cyber-realm for almost 3 months. Most of the time, I'll have to go out just to get connected. Finally today, I have decided to wait no more and went out to put a stop to this "dying-for-Internet" hunger. As easy as that, it proves that if you want it, go get it.

I got to admit that it's good to be back online, from the comfort of my room. Now, trying to test out the connectivity and not really sure which section gives the best reception. Well, it's only the wireless broadband Internet which I signed up. Speed will not be that fast, but then at least I get to go online - who cares!

It's a different kind of Saturday night, today. Perhaps I have decided to let the joy take over me tonight. I just want to celebrate the return of me. Oh gosh, I love the web.

Sorry, somehow today's post seems to be a little off.


Clayden L. said...

hey, add me on FB lah.
u can find my batch on my blog. ;)