Thursday, August 12, 2010

So I have this little theory.

To be successful in life, you will have to endure suffering. True enough, I am suffering real badly right now. I am over the phase of being cheap and desperate. The only issue clinging to my mind right now will be work. Just like previous entry, I am not sure whether this is healthy or not.

Relating to my fabulous rainbow journey, it seems that nowadays I am opening up to more and more people, especially to my colleagues. Somehow, I am guessing that I am tired of hiding in the closet. It's time, and the time is now. Expressing your life to others, is just so relieving - at least when we are exchanging thoughts. Although to only a couple of people I am out to in the office, the rest still seems fine with my personality.

So, back to this theory of mine. I noticed that in order to be a successful gay guy in town, I am observing that you must have a dual personalities. Yup, no point opening up to everyone and still fails to grab their attention. I have tested it out, twice actually and so far my theory seems still to be working fine. Again, I am in doubt simply because I am always aware that no matter how careful you are in hiding yourself, the colors will be revealed in the end.

Perhaps I should be thinking of a new name, a new personality, and a new life to carry on.

Just a theory!