Monday, August 23, 2010

Goodbye Pa, we'll be missing you.

My dad passed away two Saturdays ago. Unexpected, feeling sad. Shocked by the news simply because I myself didn't even know that he was back home. He was riding his bike, out of control and he fell. His head knocked on the roadside metal divider, severely injured. He died few minutes later at the scene.

That was not the usual route that he would normally used.

Mom called. Surprised at first, stunned for a moment while trying to accept the fact that my father left us.

Once again, this took a turn on my life. I am at crossroad. Don't really know how to continue my life, not that I am giving up. I just need to decide on better options in my life. Whichever way, I'll need to make crucial decisions once again.

Thank you Pa for everything, and don't worry, we'll take good care of ourselves. May you rest in peace.

Proud to have you as my father.