Sunday, August 29, 2010

I am doing alright. Don't worry.

Today I headed over to town. It's been some time since I paraded myself proudly along the streets of KL. It's so good to see and be seen. Despite wanting to get myself a casual back use for casual outing, somehow nothing in the malls attracted me. So in the end, it was just purely window shopping for me and my dearest friend.

Although my life is sort of empty right now, I guess I will have to deal with it and carry my life the way it's supposed to be. If I want to make myself happy, then don't think about the sadness. If I want to have more money to spend, then try to save up and spend wisely. If I want myself a relationship, then don't force and look for it as it will come naturally when the time comes.

Arghh..I don't know how to describe my feelings anymore. I just want to indulge myself in a calm facial mask, think of what to wear for work tomorrow and then probably retreat to my comfortable bed and rest early.

This sums up my Sunday!