Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello December !

It's certainly the joyous year-end holiday mood. So many things to look forward to and, left one more month till the end of the year.

So just now, was invited to dinner by my aunt.

Dropped by, and didn't know that she already have had guests coming for dinner as well. Feeling awkward, maintained my poise, ate my dinner and left.

This weekend, certainly the right kind of weekend to sum up the month of November. Yesterday night was spent with friends, the usual kind of night-out with a moderate dinner followed by with drinks at this new place in town (new to us at least).

Despite feeling unwell, I am glad to have dragged myself out from the house and just let myself unwind in the accompany of great friends.

Definitely feeling better now.

Just a sip. It cures my sickness away.

Come this week, work and workout.

Nothing much to say about work, lets just see where it takes me to.

Hope you guys have had a well-spent weekend. Am heading to do my laundry and clean my room now !

Till then, signing off for now.


are-5th said...

i spent my last few days swooning that a k-pop artist is a nearly confirmed gay. and he's cute.

this week i need to live in real life..

hwahwahwa ...

Ash Godiva said...

are-5th...hey who's that kpop artist?XD

CX:i had a me time last week,more me time coming:D

Chen Xing said...

@are-5th: Err, which K-Pop artiste ?

@Ash Godiva: That's nice, it's year-end. Everyone deserves a break.