Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sure does hit me.

The final hours to the year 2013.

Fast ?

Quick indeed. In a blink of an eye, we gone through another year worth of live experiences.

Moments which we laughed, cried & most importantly, learned from it. Am glad and thankful for living the year 2013 with wonderful people, best buddies and being able to experience new things.

Overall, I have kept Zen in most of the situation. As calm as possible trying not to be panic and to handle situation with a solid thinking being.

A quick run down on 2013 - I got promoted to a higher position end of quarter one this year, work poured in and I managed it well. Apart from that, learning to handle personal finances more wisely. Lastly, got myself into signing up for gym membership (towards the end of the year).

Though the last highlight is meant for next year, but I am glad I took the commitment to sign-up and actually liking it now (addictive).

Discipline, all that matters.

It's all about work this year, and I have no complains.

Will definitely be missing 2013, all the good & bad - thank you for all the moment.

*Leaving you guys a happy tune to mark the end of the year. Thanks for dropping by here. Cheers.


Da Closet Guy said...

Happy 2014!! Hopefully it will be a great year for everyone!! (;

Chen Xing said...

@Da Closet Guy: Thanks. Happy New Year to you too.

How's your celebration was ? Went out or stay in ?