Friday, December 27, 2013

It's supposed be a season of joy and cheer. Christmas, and year-end.

Somewhat for the past 2 days I have not been feeling any of the above.

The past weekend was just right perfect. Got to spend time with my family.

Right after the Christmas break, work has been...

Not that rewarding.

Subordinate slacking, things not properly planned out and tonnes of deadlines to meet. (If only I am meeting guys on date as frequent as me meeting those work deadlines.)

Crunch time, few more weeks left, many more jobs to be finished up.

To make it worst, will be taking up the new role come next week.

Am really not looking forward to that. Asked me to embrace it with open arms, I just can't. I am not used to doing things which I have no control in doing.

Not to say that I am afraid of change, but gut feeling sense that it will not turn out okay.

So what now ?

I can just hang on there, and awaits for the new year to bless me with new set of attitude.


Kenny Mah said...

Change is always scary but it can also be an adventure.

Have a happy new year to come, my friend! :)

Chen Xing said...

@Kenny Mah: Hey there, it's been a while since you dropped by here.

Yup, you are right with change. But for this kinda change, am sensing that it's something that not I want.

Well, anyway, wishing you a Happy 2014 New Year !