Sunday, September 15, 2013

I know it's a long weekend.

How you guys spending it so far ?

As for me, I am living it all by myself being at home.

Yes, blame the re-occurrence of flu and fever. Been not feeling the past 1 week, and basically dragged myself to work for the past 4 days. Talk about passion and dedication.

So when the long weekend is finally, I am glad as I'll be able to rest and rest. Though there's a little more work to finish up.

The past 2 nights really got me thinking.

Thinking about my life literally.

That's what you do when you are alone.

It's like a personally retreat. Not really a getaway, but having time to myself.

Somewhat, I am still not happy. Wanting to achieve more, but not quite sure what it is.

Few of it are clear to me, some of it out of sight. But somehow, still keep on reflecting about it.

Damn, I miss my family back at home.