Sunday, September 8, 2013

Am pretty sure most of us keep it, male or female it's like an outer piece to your temple if you are comparing it to fashion.

Whereby a rainy day, a trench would keep you slightly warm & shield the rain water off your body. And with the right cut and design, this piece of clothing will some how makes you will sexy.

You see, the thing is, I got really turn off with un-groomed pubes.

To me, it's as equally important with the hair on your head. The right length, and the right kind of "style" will indeed make a statement.

It's like when you are so into a foreplay session, suddenly the pants come down then the underwear and black patch of hair exploded.

Yes, a turn off indeed.

Imagine you are so into blowing a guy's d*ck and one two strands of hair stuck in between you teeth ? Worst still, you almost swallowed it ?

Of course the one receiving wouldn't noticed, but for the poor boy who have to blow, it's a little embarrassing to pause a while - take the p*nis out from mouth and then use your fingers to remove the hair from your mouth. Then continue blowing.

Love making should be an interrupted session within two parties.

I personally like my man to be well-trimmed and maintain down there. As if a carpet grass, whereby resting my head would be comfortable and breezy.

And if it's somewhat long,  make sure it's not tangled and most importantly clean.

So get those mower out and start trimming the grasses away. The less you have it, the more prominent the tree is.



kiddystick said...

IKR !! such a turn off. its like hiding a snake in a bush.. need to find the snake haha

Aiden said...

hahaha. when I clicked this post I honestly thought it was about gardening for real. Love the way you wrote it!

Ash Godiva said...

My first thought is same like Aiden's too....was wondering what tree you just planted.haha

are-5th said...

hmmmm then i might need to do some gardening of my own ... hehehe

it has been years since i trimmed it becoz i always thought why the need to trim down there if my body hair is untrimmed

Adrian said...

How short short it be? Lol. Like the pics firstly. Haha. Anyway totally agree. Grooming is very important. But some guys tend to leave it as it is because it's something to do with the masculinity and ego. What??!

Chen Xing said...

@kiddystick: Lol, not quite sure if it's a snake or a tiny worm.


@Aiden: Haha, maybe in future I'll do an actual post of gardening.


@Ash Godiva: You big fan of plants ?

@are-5th: Can always get a gardener's help.

Well it depends. Give it a try, if you don't like it. The hair can always grow back.


@AL: As short as it can get ? After that, an occasional maintenance will help.