Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gone too long.

2 weeks ?

I think so.

So what's up ?

Last weekend was out of the country. Yes, indulged myself in the much needed vacation, of course with colleagues.

Sun, sea, beaches & strong breeze. A perfect weekend to just soak in the heat of the sun and dive into the coolest of the Andaman sea.

Ya, went to Phuket.

Of course beaches was one thing, as when it's night time - a different scene took over.

Walking down the sleazy street of Bangla Road, left & right people pulling you to visit their club for the infamous Ping Pong show. Of course I fancy different kind of balls, I walked a little bit further to Paradise Complex.

Whereby, it's rainbow and you got to see man-to-man on action show.

I smiled.

Came back with lots of cuts (due to snorkeling) and also skin got sunburned real bad. Am healing now.

Other than that, oh ya, works been piling up and have been working past midnight almost everyday since I got back.