Thursday, May 10, 2012

There's always a certain degree of anonymity to the identity of the blogger behind The Rainbow In Me.

Personally, I would think that the mystery adds to the excitement of the story being unfolded in here. It creates higher sense of imagination, and it's fair judgement - as people will not relate things that I expresses out in here to the physical me.

It's a virtual world, with a slim chances of crossing over to the reality.

Dear Leo Nut,

My name has always been prominently used as the sign-off at the every end of a blog entry.

Truth is, that's my name in Chinese and for once, I really want people to call me by that. Most of the time, I am being called by my first name out in the public.

Put together my name, and it runs an initial that's somewhat "naughty".


As for the other blogger who knows me,  there are actually a few more whom sort of knows me personally in real life and still keep in touch.

One, I would say that the friendship ended up not in good terms as somehow, trust was being broken.

Just only a new form friendship, that blogger took things for granted. Hence, I have learnt to be much more careful when mingling around within the cyber-sphere.

Having said that, am also very approachable. Just an email away or a click away.



tuls said...

aiya.. i fail liao.. too far to keep touching.. as in keep in touch... haih...

J-boy said...

Hmm i don't understand what u mean by 'put together my name, and it runs an initial that's somewhat naughty'.

Am i the only blur sheep here haha? :P

soul232 said... that is ur real name..interesting =)

cx, cx, cx, cx. sound like...... =P hahahaha

we cant never be too careful with stranger :)

tuls said...

jboy youre not the only blur sheep here nvm.. CX is quite mysterious one.. not many know him so just let it stay that way la..

Soul232, stop stalking people ok.. youre scaring people away!!!! LOLLLLLLLL

Jason's Corner said...

Now I get it! Didn't quite get what you meant too before reading Soul232's comment.

ooi2009 said...

a mere email is not enough i want ur hand in marriage

ooi2009 said...

since ur going to answer the questions seriously : u can omit the question about me and tuls , eventhough i say i wanna love him , he is just my bitch actually .

Twohornschild said...

I want to be myself initially when i decided to have my own blog. Cause in reality i don't show much of myself. Then now my bloggers friends are more than my real life friends. I mean in interactions and all.. I got even happier when i met Danny in real life that i never thought that i would ever meet a blogger. ahahha......hope to met you soon. :)

chaiminhuei said...

How symbolic. I'm also an e-mail/click away, haha.

Leo Nut said...

Hehe curious and curiouser.. :D

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: What to do, you are busy with some other stuff such as...

@J-boy: Aiks, perhaps I should elaborate more. But then those who knows me personally, knows that my initial spell something "naughty".


@soul232: Sounds like ??? Tell me, tell me.

@Jason's Corner: Hi Jason ! Heheh...

Thanks for dropping by.

@ooi2009: Hand in marriage ? You'll have to seek permission from my parent.


@two horns child: Heheh, soon shall it be then.

Perhaps we are easily more expressive in writing than in reality.

@chaiminhuei: Wokeh. Shall email you one day.


@Leo Nut: mean I didn't really answer your questions ?