Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Somehow, it's empty inside.

Though work seems to be pretty quiet and I just paid nearly 300 bucks to fix my car - I am not feeling anything at all.

Not a pinch, not a sense of relieve.

Despite the good news in the office, and a brand new environment to live in - I am also not feeling all of it at all.

Something must be wrong with me.

The past few days, I have been coming back home early after work and dinner. Sat in front of the laptop screen reading blog entries and watched few series. Cleaned myself and then went to bed.

Kind of like, every other working day.

It's been really mundane.

I have lost my sparks to shine, though I know it's nothing to do with work.

It's the personal life. Something is just missing, and I can't seems to be figuring out that piece of puzzle.

Perhaps, knowing that he's still there somewhere will brightens up my day tomorrow.



Danny said...

maybe it's time to have another diva conference liao..lol ;p

Leo Nut said...

Go do something new! Go to the gym, go for a swim! Lol. Ot, go get him for dates! :D

soul232 said...

U need a holiday..a real one far from here =)

JokerPJ said...

well, more like you slowly get the upper-hand of life, sounds like a pleasant life to me =)

But then, good luck to you in finding your next spark =)

ooi2009 said...

aiyoyo , u so boomz ...what happen to answering my questions ....do u want a spank

Da Closet Guy said...

Just another phase you are going through. I'm sure you'll be up in no time. Try find something to do, something Tou like, something you are pationate about. Don't rush. Things will fall into place before you know it (;

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: Indeed. When is it that you will be free ?

@Leo Nut: Dates ? Yes, I want that badly.

As for gym & sports, aren't really my thing.


@soul232: Yup. Planning for one. A year end trip perhaps.

@JokerPJ: Somehow, your comment has its point.

Will notify when the next spark comes.


@ooi2009: "Boomz" that's so tuls. Anyway, will answer your questions when your turn comes.

@Da Closet Guy: I went shopping just now. Slightly feeling better now.