Thursday, May 3, 2012

Here's the thing.

I've been chatting with this one guy for about close to a month.

Suddenly, as of last week he went missing in action. No trace of him going online. Not really active in Facebook as well.

I, seriously don't know what happened.

Should I be worried now as I have grown to sort of like him already ?


Or, all these while it's just a silly prank someone played on me.

Am now starting to be paranoid. Thinking of some unfortunate reasons for his disappearance.

Sometime, I just wished that people were to just be honest with me. It's not that I have anything against him, if he wished not to talk to me anymore - then, he can just let me know.

I might have sent him one or two messages, but then there's no reply.

Ouch ! Sob, sob.



Danny said...

hmm .. is that the same person?
maybe u need to be more tough on him from now on..
good luck :)

Leo Nut said...

I kena often also.. Haiyo.. Don't bother much. Most of the time they are busy la.. i hope.. =/

soul232 said...

if u meant a lot to him, he will get in touch with u can just pray nothing bad happens to him

J-boy said...

Aww this happens to everyone. Sometimes when a guy is not that interested he just couldn't be bothered to reply... and thinks you'll get the message eventually.

Nevermind, if it's not compatible then just look for the next guy haha ;)

tuls said...

these kinda people = dono how to do people.. translate that in kantonese la.. "ng sek zou yan".. haha.. either he avoiding you or he really busy lor.. no other reasons liao..

ng sek zou yan kinda people if you end up with him quite sad for you de leh.. cos he will also ng sek zou yan in the end.. so.. think thrice k! :)

Twohornschild said...

I actually did this to one of the guys lately. Well it's because i have told him not to put in feelings for me as we have never met. Then he started to text me that he misses me and starts calling me BB!!! So i have to take this unfortunate step.
Sometimes people freaked out of what may come. Sometimes people might just loose interest after a while. Magically. Sometimes it's kind of sex driven and tries to fish you but got tired after that. Sometimes he maybe a real jerk. Sweet of you to think that he might be unfortunate. Maybe he really have some probs in hand. Hope you get to know why soon...meanwhile don't bash urself too much about it.

Da Closet Guy said...

Take it easy. It happens, unfortunately. I experienced it too. I'm sure if he's interested to be friend or more than that, he'll take time to get in touch (no such thing as no time) although not immediately. Perhaps give him a bit more time. He might be digesting the whole "relationship status" (with you).

ooi2009 said...

can u abduct my heart....btw are u hairy

chaiminhuei said...

Maybe he saw you as a potential date/mate, then when things just remained friends, he doesn't want to spend energy on you, even as friends.

That's how it is, and I get that a lot too. :(

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: I will, once I get him back.


@Leo Nut: Busy ? But all am asking is just a message to say that he's alright or doing ok.

@soul232: Praying.

@J-boy: It's not easy to just look for the next guy. Sigh...

@tuls: Ok.

@two horns child: Alright. But then got to admit that, I got pretty anxious at times.

BB ! Hehehe...

@Da Closet Guy: And I will just continue to wait ?

@ooi2009: I am not. Am smooth. Smooth criminal as how Michael Jackson would have sing it.

@chaiminhuei: But he didn't even clarify yet. How can he make assumptions that I am not into him ?

Da Closet Guy said...

Look around while you wait. If he's interested to befriend with you (or proceed further), I'm sure he will show up (soon).

If you find a better (or equivalent) man, then, it's his lost, not yours.

Twohornschild said...

Yikes!! didn't xpect a BB from you...ahhaha...:)

Chen Xing said...

@Da Closet Guy: Yup. Will just wish nothing bad happened to him. That's all.

@two horns child: Hahaha ! Am just merely typing it out only.