Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's been a productive Sunday for me. I went out for a haircut, and sent the car to wash.

Now, am just chilling and planning for the coming working week.

Today's entry, I shall take the opportunity to answer Danny's question asked in this entry.

There's a certain checklist for you to fulfil in life.

You put them down, and one by one you go through the item.

Some do-able, and can be completed very fast whereas some will take time to achieve it.

Hence, this is the one thing to do if I want to embrace the rainbow life whole-heartedly.

Yes, to put on a wig and to walk a mile in heels.

It was a successful and fun-filled session with friends. From painting the face and turning it into a killer chick face, to trying out dresses and feeling gorgeous.

It didn't make me less than a man, somehow I gained a whole new respect to drag queens on all the hard work.

It's not easy as balancing on heels can be a bitch.

Having said that, I am one hell of a beauty queen.

So to Danny, the reason why I wanted to drag was something that I wanted to put in my checklist.


p.s. You guys want to see the pictures ? Hehe...


Danny said...

teasing ppl issit? ;p
yes.. please post the pics..
if possible video of the transformation..
ada? :)

Ash Godiva said...

on your previous comment i will send something on your fb,it's something "private".

Oh yes,a cutie pretty boy like you should drag,it will shine your inner diva:D

Twohornschild said...

Really? We can see pictures?

soul232 said...

hahaha...since u are offering, why should I turn it down...wanna see =P hehe

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: Hehe, there's no video to the process.

Unless you want the still pictures put together using Windows Movie Maker.


@Ash Godiva: Am not feeling the spark now.


@two horns child: Hehehe...

@soul232: Hmm...