Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lets face it, people will try to bring you down, no matter how perfect you are. And ironically, those people are usually the ones that are close to you (at least that's what you think).

True enough indeed.

You told friends about your problem, sincerely. The heart-to-heart talk session, in hope that they will be a good listener and able to give their point of view on the issues that you are facing.

Day by day, they will sit by your side. They gather the thoughts, they gain more information about you and one day, they use it against you.

Bang !

I mean it's alright to tell the entire world about what has been conveyed. If I can tell you, then I am ready to face the negative thing arises. But then again, never did I expect it that you would use it against me.

So tell me.

Trust no one, and assume all that as a temporary companionship. As when one decided to leave, it will drift off-shore slowly, away from the close one.

So, I would rather tell-all in this blog than to share it with some friends within my circle.



Danny said...

tell me tell me..
i'll help u to 'kompang' to the whole world..
after all, that's the job of Big Mouth kan? lol ;p

J-boy said...

yeah that's why we gotta be careful with what we share to our friends..

Sometimes our secrets/personal things should be kept to ourselves only.. but it's also so hard not to spill sometimes hahahaha :P

Leo Nut said...

But not all friends will knock you down right?... I have a few close friends and i dont believe they will... =/

chaiminhuei said...

Trust the right people.

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: No need to "kompang-kompang" it out. Keep it to yourself can already.

@J-boy: Got to agree with you. So I decided to tell-all most of the time.

@Kaylex (CK): Mine would be one or two. Not as many as "a few".


But I am happy for that few good friends that I have.

@chaiminhuei: Yup.