Friday, December 30, 2011

It's coming to an end, the year 2011.

Definitely a great year I would say.

Lived up to my 2011 resolution and one thing for sure, I am glad that this year it is full of learning curve.

Best decision that I've made in 2011 was quitting the first job, and switched to another company. Couldn't be more happier now as everything is in place and I am on the right track to being a better man - career wise.

The unfortunate incident which happened in 2011 would be the car accident. After that, I am now slightly a little less-confident in driving that wheels of mine. Don't know why, just afraid that the parts might come falling off apart.

Friends come and go, and in 2011 I've gain one step closer in knowing what true friendships are. Same goes to guys, am done with them. If they do happen to "drop-by" next year round or they suddenly realized that they want to be with me, then am giving it a shot - if not, life goes on for me,

Of course, the greatest memory happened this year would be the year-end trip with the family. Indeed a spectacular getaway which rounded up the year 2011 pretty fabulously.

Am done with 201. I would say that I have accomplished the 2011 resolution which I have made and I am parting goodbye to it with full of respect while at the same time, thanking it for a wonderful year.

Thank you 2011 for a wonderful experience.


kiddystick said...

i think we all enjoyed 2011, wish you a early happy new year !

Danny said...

nice knowing u .. :) happy new year :))

Twohornschild said...

Happy new year to you and may it always be as smooth as possible for you. Cheers!!

Vincent~ said...

Happy end of the year and hope there's many more! XD

J-boy said...

Yay it's good to hear that someone actually fulfilled the things on their resolution.

Frankly I don't even remember the resolutions I made 12 months ago haha :P

chaiminhuei said...

Let's have a great 2012!

Chen Xing said...

@kiddystick: Thanks, and Happy 2012 New Year to you.

@Danny: Same here, so before CNY have to meet up again. Need to return your things to you.


@two horns child: Thank you.

@Vincent~: Yup, many good things to come.


@J-boy: Write it down for next year's one. But pretty sure you have gained memorable experience right ?

@chaiminhuei: Partying tonight ?