Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Not sure whether I am blaming the year-end or just aptly doing something which is of my passion.

I am turning into a workaholic.

Been staying in the office more than the required hours, and yet I have nothing to complain about it. Back then in the previous agency, I used to pack up my stuff at about 5.45 and leave at 6 on the dot. It's like the feeling of "oh-just-can't-wait-to-leave-the-office". Extending few more minutes, would be darn dreadful.

Perhaps it was the bad traffic I'd have to face, as to once I passed the buffer time, I would then definitely be stuck in the jam for about an hour (at least).

Work to me now is so manageable and I tend to have more focus of what I am doing now. I love what I am doing.

Bless my soul for doing what I like. At least I am on a right track to wonderful career of my choice.

Mid-week, and happy working to you all.



chaiminhuei said...

Grow your passion, but don't lose yourself yeah!

ooi2009 said...

dear , my pic ugly

Danny said...

thats actually a good thing .. at least u r enjoying what u r doing.. keep it up .. :)
but make sure u got time to curahkan kisah silam u to ;p

ooi2009 said...

semalam , there was a superfit indian guy near my house yesterday , i wanted to trail him

Chen Xing said...

@chaiminhuei: Yup. Will make sure that won't happen.

Help to remind me too ya, from time to time.

@ooi2009: Please be more confident. But then you are a flirt as well. You seems to be into a lot of bloggers.

@Danny: My story ? This Tuesday ?