Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bitch slap me, will ya.

After 2 years, this bitch is still going for the same guy. Not letting go and in hope that they guy will return the bitch's love.

Up till today, the bitch still questions the guy's true intention. Every encounter, brought a new doubt. Is the guy all in so that he could get into the bitch's pants ?


So when you are in doubt, it's not a good sign. Hang on a sec, or it's a sign for you to just shoo away from his presence.

Yes, once in a while whenever he feels like doing it, he will call/text/message you. But all this shit for what ? You don't really know and you just play along.

Do you want to keep on doing this ? It's not like you never confessed, or revealed your feelings towards him. Though he has seen how a good lover this bitch can be, and how a good friend the bitch might turn out.

It's all up to him to decide, and for you to live your life with dignity.

Move on, and get a life ! Forgive me for writing this, should I be guilty in expressing out the part of me that has been surpressed for quite sometime.


Leo Nut said...


J-boy said...

It sucks when you have feelings for someone who only treats you like a fuck buddy.
I get quite annoyed with this particular guy who only talks to me when he is horny. Can't even be friends because of that...

But when you like someone, you just like someone.. regardless of how they treat you right. takes time to let go :/

chaiminhuei said...

Let it out, don't keep it in.

Ash Godiva said...

*bitch slap at the ass*

keep it in for long time is not good for your well-being .

ooi2009 said...

im urged to put something sexual , tapi saya sayang lah

the viennamese said...

Aww.... Heaps of virtual hugs coming your way. You'll get over him. Cuz he's soooo not worth it. x

Deicidal said...

now move on. :P

viver said...

this just proves u have a good heart!

Chen Xing said...

@Kaylex (CK): *Ouch* :(

@J-boy: And by holding, it's not fair to the other guy...

@chaiminhuei: Thanks.

@Ash Godiva: Spanked me ? I know.

@ooi2009: "Sayang" who ?

@Ev. C: Thanks. I've done my part. That's what I want him to know.

@Deicidal: Ok.

@viver: Hi there ! Thanks for dropping by this humble blog.

Really ? Hmm...