Monday, November 28, 2011

Curtain closing down, few more days to the end of the November's birthday month.

I thought the final quarter of the year can be a little more cheerful and stress-free. Overly lived it I did, and halfway through it I found myself once again in the depth of crisis.

Mental wellness sort of issues.

I was hit hard the past 2 days. A typical Saturday night-out which ended with a series of unfortunate event.

The car died on me and I was stranded in the shopping mall carpark for hours.

Tried my very best to get the car moving again, from filling up the petrol and checking the engine oil, in the end, it was the battery that let me down.

I was sad, devastated and stunned.

For a moment, damn, it will cost a lot. I called my friends and they came to the rescue. Jump-started the car, and drove home safely. That's the only point of destination at that moment.

Trying to get the car to be fixed, and on the way there it died. The car just stopped at the middle of the road. Panicked, and jump-started it again. Quickly manoeuvred to the nearby petrol station which was just few metres away and right in front of it, the car stopped again.

This time, it ran out of fuel.

We then pushed the remaining metres and parked right in front of the station. Sigh of relief (not quite yet). Trying to fixed but then ended up not quite successful. Called the mechanic and he came by sort saved the day (not quite yet).

Now the car is in the workshop, more fixing to be done later on and for sure, a lot more money I'll need to fork out.

Damn, I need more cash. I need to learn how to plan wisely when it comes to budgeting. You can be tough and strong on the outside, but if you are not discipline enough from the within, you will not make it.

That's life.

Dead or alive, you still got to make it through.

No more moderation, I am living a minimalist.


ooi2009 said...

my pics , better not , u might vomit

chaiminhuei said...

Bear there, you can make it pass this hurdle!

J-boy said...

Oh my.. so sorry that happened!
November is almost over! December will be better! :)

viver said...

heh...what i like to do during the times when i have spare cash is to hide them around my room (cause i'll forget where i put it a few days later)

and during an emergency i would turn my room upside town to look for my hidden stash!

Chen Xing said...

@ooi2009: Well, am just asking. Not forcing you if you are not comfortable.


@chaiminhuei: Thanks, somehow the ends will meet. I'll just need to figure out a more discipline approach to life.

@J-boy: Back to December, and me can't wait for it to come.

@viver: Am very concious with the amount of money I have, perhaps I'll let trusted friend keep my money.