Friday, July 23, 2010


I love my job, I hate my job. It's all about passion and for the past 2 weeks I felt nothing other than the pressure from my work itself. I tried to be cheerful, and tried to be funny. Failed, as something in me can still be seen from my face.

Last week was about handling rejection, this week is about taking in criticism. A lot I have learned and many more to come. Things with Plan B now, I assumed will just be like that. No sparks and no more chemistry -  just not yet. Plan A wise, occasionally - just like how a friend in a friendship would be. I am trying not to be, once again desperate. Just got to keep it slow and natural.

Again, trying put some poise in me. Opened up to one colleague and she seems find with it. Giving me same advice, just like how my friends had given me. Expensive is the key word. Know when to pull and when to push. Just like how you control the fishing rod.

Moving on and it's a good sign that work is affecting me right now. I don't really want to hope, I'll just let it flow to me.

It's weekend and I got a workshop to attend. What to do then, only tomorrow can tell. Hopefully it will be something that will make me high again, thus turning away my lowest point.

Stop staring!