Friday, May 28, 2010

True enough, there are so many things in life that you want. From young, we are taught of putting down our dreams into a list. It's a routine, every year we bound to do that. May it be tangible dreams or the other way round, having that will give us the much needed morale to achieve it.

Let's see, you were asked of what you want to become when you grow up. That's occupation. Some will have a big dream of becoming a doctor, lawyer, engineer and it all sounds so cliche. Can't blame us, at that time we weren't really exposed to other opportunities available. Just only in primary school, our knowledge is still limited. We tend to go for the cliche one, but then as time goes by, we changed our course of career.

As we grow older, things start to get materialistic. That's when we add achievable things into our dream list. We got our foundation in securing a good career and what's next is how to use the hard earn money and further satisfy ourselves. This would be the time when we want a big house, big car, latest gadget and all up-to-date fashion. Mom would say "work hard for all the things you want", and indirectly it translates to having a dream is alright as long as you know how to get it. To be honest, I am still struggling on this. Not to say that I am complaining, I guess I'll have to better manage my list. Wish me luck, I am glad to say that I am completing part of the list.

So, you got yourself a career and some stuff. What else you need in life ? Relationship. Especially when you are out, alone and away from your family. You just need to connect with someone who you can then treat him as part of your family. I've been told that non can force a relationship to happen. It comes naturally and sometimes you must not plan it. There are a lot of queries to this. As much as it's in my wish list, how do I go about getting a relationship ? Where to find, how to approach.

Here I am, typing this out and at the same time missing him. Although knowing that it might not happen, I still believe that there's hope in it. I am pretty much aware it takes time, slowly. I'll wait. Moment by moment it will turn into something magical.