Sunday, May 30, 2010

I am back at home. Finally, after nearly two and a half months away. I'll have to admit that I miss home a lot and the same time a little reluctant to come back home. Why ? I am afraid that I might miss him. Just in case when he calls, at least I'll be there to meet him, although I know the chances are very rare.

There are few things in mind which brought me back home. First was to be with my family, second was to reconnect myself spiritually, third was to get few things which I have lost in the course of 2 months, fourth was to catch up with my friends and lastly was supposed to meet up with someone. Completed one, two, three and four. Somehow the fifth thing failed to happen. Not this  round perhaps.

I can't believe with the amount of food I consumed. A lot. Mom has been working the wok, and sis has been kind enough to spare her time with us and not forgetting, my little nephew. Cute and adorable, a little grown up I would say.

There's nothing much for me to do back home. Talking about places to go, went to the usual hang out place. And most of the time, I spent my days at home. I miss the comfort feel of a home. Ever since I got myself to work, I've been missing it badly. Hence, I ma trying my very best to slowly build up the place that I am currently renting right now. Give me some time, it will be fabulous.

I thought by coming back home will clear my mind, at least a little. But then it seems not happening. Not that I am bothered by work, it's just that the feeling of him all over again. Glad that I text-ed him the other day. But then what does that indicate ?

I need an answer !