Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You know what, when you want to be exclusive in a relationship somehow there will be hurdles along the way. Not to say that I am reaching the end of the road but then I am on my way, in this search that god knows when will put an end to my desperation.

Falling into desperation and depression has turned me into an addict. I am glad, glad till I'll have to admit that I am crazy for love. Not the lovey-dovey kind of love but the action of making love. I like the warmth, the closeness of me with him, the passionate kissing, deep blowing and the feeling of high ecstasy - once again, I will have to admit that it was the closest to being in heaven. Praise god for creating this forbidden action. I bit the fruit and I just can't get myself off the apple.

I can't tell how long this will continue, but then taken into consideration friends' thoughts, I guess I will just have to play along. Rolling the dice and see where it will bring me, how many steps will I take this time and what are the risks.It's just like the game of Snake & Ladder all over again.

Rehab soon or it's just a phase, again. Will I overcome all these and when can I put a stop to it ? I seriously in love, lust and obsession.

Officially I am, a sex-addict !