Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time is really running out for me. In a couple of days I will be packing my stuff once again and head on to start a new life. It's not so much new to me as it is just a continuation from the previous adventure which I had.

I know life is tough. So tough till it comes without you expecting it. That is when you shouted out help and no one is there to willingly give you a helping hand. Instead, most will probably gave thousands of excuses whereas some will agree and disagree to help in the end. Only a handful will actually sincerely lend you a helping hand. Sad to say, that is the reality of life.

It is a little degrading for me to seek help but then it is not up to my choice as I have been given so little time to sort things out and plan for the future. At least for this month, I know that I will be going through the toughest challenge in my life. Moving away from home to start my career. My best advice, try to solve most of the problems by yourself.

Looking back at all these, I can say that I can finally breathe. Some part of the weight has been lifted off. The major concern has finally been resolved and I am anticipating the new adventure that I will be facing in the couple of days.

For all I can say is that I am finally being employed and indeed it was a great experience which I had before the start of my wonderful career.