Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I am feeling lonely. Bored and sitting at home does nothing good to me at all.

So the actual reason for starting this new project would be that I am actually not daring enough. As much as I consider myself a walking highlighter, people actually mentioned that I am caged in and have yet to explore the wonders of the rainbow world.

It started out with a conversation which in the end turned out to be truth or dare, spin the bottle and a case of heart to heart pillow talk. That was when I realized, I am nothing compared to the experiences they had engaged. Daring or not, whether I really want it or just plainly being desperate and trying to attempt the unthinkable.

I appreciate their time and effort in spending those encounters with me and to be honest, my perception towards them remains unchanged. In fact I must be proud for that they tried new things and decided to make themselves happy all over again.

So now, I am taking my time to just enjoy the moment for a little while before getting myself wild again.