Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hooray ! A word that I can say right now.

I have been blogging for almost half a decade and starting a second blog seems to be a little reluctant for me. It's like having two kids, attention being divided and unfair for the other blog which until now I am still actively updating it. To be honest, I felt caged in as I am not out and revealing myself to the public in whatever entries that were being published. Although sometimes I gave readers some clues that were obvious enough for them to sense the rainbow in me. What to do, it's not that I am being afraid to come out and step into reality but then, I guess it's just not the right time yet. Taking some time to let it develop. After all, been gay nearly the most time of my life and could use a little more happy gay support that I can get out here.

Drama revolves around life, and it has taught me valuable lessons. Previously, I used to expressed out a lot of my unhappy feelings and occasionally bitched about others. That's human nature, perhaps by voicing it out I was able to release myself from the stress resulting from the drama. Yes, from high school till college. The drama never ends.

Now that I have graduated, I wonder what sort of drama I will be facing next. So, bare with me and do drop by a visit whenever possible for some life experiences sharing moment in this blog. Making a vow here to keep this blog active and obviously a safe haven for all to share their views and thoughts.

To start the ball rolling, Happy New Year and let me first share with you my experience.
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