Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lets put it this way, white can be the safest colour to wear as it matches almost everything you have in the closet.

Classic, just like a woman's little black dress, a crisp white shirt is a must in every guy's wardrobe.

Having said that, I've been observing quite sometime and noticed this very one thing.

Not quite sure whether this observation came to you guys or not.

Yup, the visible nipple which you can see peeping through the layer of white translucent fabric.

Most of the time, we blame the fabric of the shirt for being too thin and see-through. While sometimes, you just can't help it that the guy's nipple is just darn obvious.

(But I like looking at it., even better when the shirt is wet.) I mean if it's a guy with buffed chest, then I think it's fine.

White party anyone ?
So, there are few ways to prevent that from happening.

  • Wear a cardigan or an outer piece to layer over that spot.
  • When buying white shirts, try on and look into the mirror to make sure that it's not too thin for your liking.
  • Almost make sure that you are not excite (sexually) as a hard-on nipples will show even more obvious when you are wearing whites.

But then again if you are confident, and don't mind it "peeping" through - then go ahead. We don't mind.


Shin Y said...

I like graphic white tee only ; )

Da Closet Guy said...

White ain't my fav color. Some how it'll turn slightly yellowish when it's "old". One has to be careful in order to get stain. But having said so, white does look extremely nice on people who can carry the color! (;

Anonymous said...

favorite color of my life !

two horns child said...

I like white ones with details mostly with details so i never had that prob.

JokerPJ said...

I exited or not excited also nipples hard on macam 24/7~ any colour also perturb...

White? period how? hehe

erm... black better lah, can hide fat... but you so slim... wear rainbow also no problem...

Chen Xing said...

@Shin Y: me, so long the base is still white I still find it kind of hard to pull it.

@Da Closet Guy: Ya, I have that problem too. Any tips to share to prevent white clothes from turning yellowish ?

@Zachary: Hehe, then I guess majority of the colour in your wardrobe would be white ?

@two horns child: Details as in ? Design ? Embellishment ?

@JokerPJ: Rainbow, I think kind of too bold. And hard to mix around.


two horns child said...'s just some mirrors and heavy metal chain...some saw and some tukul too.. hahahahhahaha

Chen Xing said...

@two horns child: Ahh, so you got to definitely hand wash those kind of clothes. Right ?