Friday, August 19, 2011

Somehow I just got to ask.

Two guys, having a meal.

Who will pay for it ?

Does the role change when the situation changes ?

  • On a first date, who will pay ?
  • Just started a relationship, who will pay ?
  • On a steady relationship, who will pay then ?
  • Just out, casually spending time together.

Perhaps you will just want to eat-in.

On the other note, I am slowly liking the song below.

That sexy non-rapping tone, is uber-oh-sexy. Usually I am not a fan of this kind of music but then oh boy, I can just get wet !

Lol !!!


splatnz said...

First date I always pay :) after that see how it goes

Danny said...

err.. i dun really think lor.. who feels like paying .. pay lorrr.. worst come to worst , i pay la.. as long as its not really expensive ..

that song .. tak tau appreciate :)

J-boy said...

Hmm this is a question that i find really interesting...

My belief is that the couple can take turns paying, that's what i would do.. because the financial burden shouldn't be placed on only one person.

But someone told me it's better to pay separately on a first date, particularly for young couples who aren't working yet.. But i think that's kind of unromantic, because it sort of emphasizes that money is an issue and you're not even willing to pay for 1 date.
But it can also be weird if both parties offer or insist to pay.. then who ends up paying hahaha? :P

Hence i think for a first date, we shouldn't eat or do anything too expensive, then it doesn't matter who pays ;)

two horns child said...

Super super love the song!!!!

two horns child said...

To me i think it should be mutual understanding. If respect exist between the two, we will know who should pay.

two horns child said...

Now i'm addicted to this song.

Chen Xing said...

@splatnz: You'll pay because you initiate the date ?

Anyway, welcome to my humble blog.


@Danny: Each one pay for their on share. Can ?

@J-boy: Then what can we do then, if it's not a decent dinner ?


But then somehow, the top will usually pays for it ?

@two horns child: Agree.

I like how Bruno sings his part. The voice is darn charming.

Me likey.