Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let us be honest.

"Do I look like a person who majors in medicine or nursing ?"

No. Seriously.

Yesterday night, someone knocked at my door.

Oh well, it was the housemate.

Came knocking at my door, asking me to keep my laundry as he needed the space to hang his.

Fine. I told him that I'll do it in a moment. And reminded him that, next time he can just place my clothes aside if he ever wants to use the space.

30 minutes later, he knocked again.

Knock ! Knock ! (Alright, I am not pulling the Who's There jokes.)

Only in his boxers, he revealed to me that he got something a little embarrassing to ask. He went on explaining to me on how one is not supposed to have sex during the Puasa month, and that usually he's the active kind of a person.

Yadda, yadda, bla, bla, bla... Then came the actual reveal.

He said that he's been having a boner the whole day and asked whether I know how to "cure" the problem. Going to the hospital was not the option as he said that it would be hilariously embarrassing.

F*ck you !

What ? Do you expect me to go down and give you a blowjob ? Or if not, at least you'll settle for a firm handjob ?

It's your dick, and in the name of God (Allah in your case), solve your own dick problem. It's not a hard thing to do. If still can't find a solution, then pray harder (no pun intended).

Sex-addict or thick-skin being, whom can't even spell the word "privacy" and "decency".

Never in life I have been asked about this, never in my life have I experienced a full hard-on for more than 4 hours. Something must have gone wrong, biologically. Blame the hormones ?

I suspect that the awkward moment was a planned attempt. But then honey, I ain't no that desperate. As much as I am always longing to be banged, there's a certain level of taste, class and poise to my preference.

Pray hard for me. Please.


two horns child said...

ps: It's Bloody interesting mannn...ahhahah...i think nobody ever experience this kind of thing much.

Danny said...

hmm.. i think that abang dah plan this scandal thing lama-lama .. just wait for the right time ( bulan puasa ) to have the right excuse... lol ;;p

two horns child said...

hmmm... i reallywonder what i'll do? err...eeemmmmm..... errrr....

ooi2009 said...

is he really hot /....and u can play together , heavy petting

J-boy said...

hahaha his attempt is so obvious! omg since he was wearing boxers, could u see his boner? lol :P

u know this scenario would be completely different and a whole lot sexier if ur housemate was hot and buff and that you've been crushing on him for months... sounds too good to be true though :P

Sam Nasser said...

I'm gonna say this: awkward!!!

What a strange question. If you're straight, it's even weirder.

Chen Xing said...

@two horns child: Trust me, it's not interesting at all. To be honest, I was disgusted.

There are 2 things, either you say accept it with anticipation or reject it with kindness.


@Danny: Indeed. When I went to the toilet, I noticed he pulled the curtain closing the whole balcony view.

@ooi2009: Sad to say, he's not. You can have him.

@J-boy: Bad luck, yes I saw the outline of the hard-on dick.

Yup, but then wouldn't say that the too-good-to-be-true scenario wouldn't be happening...

@Sam Nasser: Agree. It's just so wrong. It's a taboo. Some questions, you just can't utter out.