Monday, January 27, 2014

I am officially off for my Chinese New Year break.

Last Friday was the final working day for the year of the Snake.

Decided to come back home earlier to help out mum, and get things done at home.

Oh ya, something happened last Friday night.

Just a meet-up with a guy. A Singaporean guy to be exact.

Chatted with him for a week, and was sort of surprised when he texted me on Friday evening and asked whether want to meet up or not.

At first, am like all determined to go to gym and go back home early to pack my stuff and rest early. So after work, I drove to Mid Valley and met up with him.

We had dinner, chatted quite a lot, dropped by his place and the rest...I guessed was history.



Unknown said...

And also your final..."nice" night for the year of snake ;)
So nice can off early, still have to work until eve :(

Mr ET said...

History? Since it is the last week of the year of the snake, got go catch singaporean's "snake" mah? :P

Chen Xing said...

@Shin Yong: Definitely got to wrap up work early, but then have to help my mother with many many things.


Feeling tired...

@Mr ET: Yup, managed to catch it. But then let it go...

Maybe I'll blog about it in the coming weeks.