Monday, January 13, 2014

This always happen to me (and I guess to almost everyone of us reading this).


Every time when I got to know a guy whether it's from the apps or via emails or even Facebook - I tend to rush and got a little upset whenever he doesn't reply or replies late.

I don't know whether I should learn to let off my expectation and don't hope for anything till it's firm.

If only it's as easy & direct as the above.

The suspense is always the killing part, but how can I keep the conversation flowing ? What other things to ask and tell ? 

What if he's not the kind of guy who ask questions, quiet but in-control ?

Help me.



Adrian said...

Just ask whatever you feel like asking. Don't hide it :)

Mr ET said...

Be more active lor... When you saw him online, start with a simple hi or yo or any forms of greeting. If he treat you coldly each time you are having a chat, maybe is time to stop.

Twohornschild said...

I too have the same dilemma. Sometimes i would reply late on purpose just so that it's not obvious that i am eager. he he he
Anyway, if i have no question to ask means that i am not "that" interested in him. If i am damm interested then i have no choice but to force out questions. There is no boundaries to a conversations. Just ask any question even if it's stupid. Sometimes i'll challenge myself to come up with the stupidest thing that i could ask to that guy. lolzz.... It's stupid questions that would feed you answers that the public doesn't know about him. :) Anyway if you have been asking lots and after say like ten emails you guys still doesn't chat mutually? Like what Mr.ET said. It's time to stop.

Chen Xing said...

@AL: I did. But he seems not replying me.


@Mr ET: I stopped, after giving him a couple of days. Sometimes I wish that guys out there to be more direct a bit with their expectation.

Things would be easier...

@two horns child: Lol, "purposely" reply late...