Monday, October 28, 2013

As I am typing this entry, a colleague's grandmother is taken off life-support system.

Waiting for the time to come, dying.

A person close to my heart, my family my sister is probably crying herself to sleep. Feeling hurt and broken, as my brother in law beated her, not once but few time.

He had an affair, and together with the woman they have a 5 month old baby girl.

He's happy, and my sister is dying as well.

From the inside.

Mom's not happy, of course. It's her only daughter, cut off ties with her as she doesn't want to care about it anymore.

But deep inside, she still care and loves her only daughter.

Here I am, stuck in between. Not sure how to talk to my sister. Will be going back to home this coming weekend, hopefully it gets better.

Taking a look at all the about, I ask myself:

Am I happy ?


Le Chatelier said...

1. Drag her out of her misery in that case, it is too obvious that something is wrong with the husband.
2. Calm your mom and offer a better solution- acceptance to your sister's hard situation. Tell her that her decision is not helpful. Deep inside, it was just a gimmick to force your sister to leave that jerk.
3. On life support system, I am not sure about this, I may be facing this decision in the future as well, I guess one can give a timeline, with advise from doctor, lying around on life support, objectively, is utilizing the energy, the time, the space, and the other resources for the hospital and the family. My dad lost his colon for this reason.
4. Again, ask your CX. You know better what is good for you, what is bad for you.
5. Just my 2 cent.

are-5th said...

it really is hard to be stuck in between your mother and your sis. strangely enough, it is the very same situation i am in. i have no idea which side to be in. to support both sides feels so suffocating and tired and dreadful.

let us both pray that both of us will escape this very vicious situation to be in.

Chen Xing said...

@Le Chatelier: Thanks. Mom was pretty much cool down now, and letting my sister to make her own decision.

As for my colleague's grandmother, her grandmother passed away last Sunday.


@are-5th: Well, the only escape is when the festive season comes. In my case, the coming Chinese New Year will be an interesting one.