Sunday, October 13, 2013

So what's  new ?

Got to know from my mother that my brother in law has been having an affair, cheated on my sister and together with the other woman, they have had a 5-month old daughter.

I am all pity and sad for my sister. It's been two weeks, and I didn't call to talk to her (we are not supposed to know about this issue).

Talked to my mum, and she told me that if my sister continues to forgive him, mum will cut ties with sis.

Am stuck in between.

Not the next single, but am kind of liking the bridge part of the song.

Wonder what will happen the next time I go back home. The atmosphere will be utterly different.

One thing I can learn from it, men - one complex creature.



Le Chatelier said...

Aren't we all men. I guess different individual different perspective. I believe in give-and-take. If you're sister is alright with that, just let it be. Until one point, things will get neutralized. Either she cannot take it, divorce; or somehow just live with it. I guess third party is a complexity between lust and love. We know better don't we? Cheers to wake-up from reality's reality.
*I have a feeling that i dont quite make sense with what I have written*

Chen Xing said...

@Le Chatelier: Nah, I understand. It seems that she still wants him. Still loves him.

And I there's nothing much which I can do...