Saturday, October 19, 2013

Nobody reads, or drop by this space anymore.


It's now just merely a place for me to pour out thoughts and feelings, work & personal.

The past 2 weeks, it's more work than personal though I did some personal matters during the working hours.


Yup, I took extended lunch break and went out to enquire about gym membership. Few gyms in fact, and basically till now I can say that I have pretty much decided already on the gym that I am going to sign up.

Next, I took a detour from work when got to know that a meeting with the client got cancelled. So I drove out to a nearby car showroom to enquire and take a closer look on the car which I've been wanting for the past few months.

Asked few questions with the help of my colleagues, in the end, they convinced me to test-drive. Drove around, kind of small - but overall a smooth drive.


Still thinking, but I think I'll take a little more time, slowly and think about it before placing the down payment.

As for work, oh well, bosses sending me out of the country next week for a 2-day training at region's head office.

Jet set life. Not so formal though, and I think I need a new travel luggage.

Nervous, anxious and a little excited.

Will be heading down alone, meeting new people.

Hope it will turn out alright.

Current tune addiction. Calmingly just right.


Da Closet Guy said...

A short oversea trip!! Nice (:

Unknown said...

Try find some times to relex yourself during the trip :)

Mr ET said...

I do dropped by from time to time, dun u dare stop writing!

Chen Xing said...

@Da Closet Guy: Yup, and I got almost equal balance of work & play. Hehe.

@Shin Yong: I did. Went out for a little shopping spree as well.


@Whizkid: Haha, ok. Thankfully you still drop by to read.

How are you doing lately ?

Le Chatelier said...

I dropped by :p

Chen Xing said...

@Le Chatelier: Lol, and thanks for leaving a comment.

Mr ET said...

Bad luck recently in almost anythg. Well life has to go on. BTW, had been getting myself going out from the house more often now, know more friends, hahaha.

Chen Xing said...

@Whizkid: That's a good progress. Hope gym is doing you well as well ?