Sunday, July 14, 2013


Gaining back the momentum.

Or would I say, I am back !!! Yea, am just all thrilled up as the past 2 days had been kind of blast.

Did what I loved to do - shopping.

Yes, going out. Fancy meals, drinks & having the own leisure time during the weekend.

So this weekend, I bought a pair of shoes & a shirt. It's liberating when I got hold of the paper bags.


Stress level went down by few points.

Though I should watch my spending, sometimes, if it makes you happy by buying things that you like and you would actually use/wear it - I say, why not ?

Next week, definitely will be another fun outing.

Anyone been to this Helipad place in the city ? Rooftop, sky view bar ?

Can't wait to go there.


*Oh ya, and I have been doing this #ootd thingy on my Instagram.


Twohornschild said...

Looks like your bestie welcome party doesnt end? he he he..... Sounds like blast. Glad that you enjoyed it.

kiddystick said...

shopping make you happy !!

Chen Xing said...

@two horns child: Yup. How's your weekend ?

@kiddystick: Indeed. :)